Design and Scanning of parts
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With the latest technology, and a wide range of materials, we can offer you:

  • Functional Prototypes: Plastic parts , metal en even complete assemblies on the parts with design purposes , engineering , dimensional and functionability test.
  • Models for presentations : Parts for your presentation in conceptual way, that can be used for marketing and consumer studies.
  • Manufacture on parts : We have the capacity to offer you contract manufacturing for low and high production.
  • Production Tools: We have a wide range or tools made specially to meet your especifications and needs, from jigs, bases, fixtures, to injection moulds.

» Prototypes

Nowdays getting a prompt response on what your idea is as a prototype is very importatant, IDS-S offer s a wide range of variaty of technologies that can be adjust according to your requirements.

Quick Prototypes is a way in which technology is used for producing complex 3D drawings into phisical parts in a short period of time. IDS-s offers you technologies for the construction of you prototypes layer by layer, machined on your parts, etc. The technology that would be used will depend on the quality requirements that your project might have.

With IDS-S not only you will obtain the creation of you product besides your will be supported with a team that will help you in a professional way in every step of the project. " We can offer you the service of bringing your idea into massive production''......


CNC prototype CNC prototype CNC prototype CNC prototype CNC prototype CNC prototype CNC prototype

For all those parts that require parts of high precision, and high durability, we can offer CNC/Machine services. Using sofisticated equipment for CNC, our engineers in China will take only a couple of days to create protorypes that will meet really strict specifications.

This techology is really recommendable in parts that are really big with little detail (Parts can be fabricated from several blocks and the join together, in order to get on sigle component), or also the can be used for parts that require really high precision).

One of the advantages that is offer to make parts in this kind of process, is the wide range of materials, such as plastics and a wide variety of metals. We also offer differents finishes on the parts, thus the parts can have more durability and we are avoiding damage.


  • ABS
  • Polycarbonate
  • Nylon
  • POM
  • Acrylic (PMMA)
  • Aluminum
  • Steel
  • and more...


  • Anodized
  • Electroplating
  • Paint
  • Chrome
  • Powder coating


Polyjet prototype Polyjet prototype Polyjet prototype Polyjet prototype Polyjet prototype Polyjet prototype Polyjet prototype Polyjet prototype Polyjet prototype

This is one of the latest and of a fast delevelopment technologies in prototype industry , polyjet is a printer that offers different type of materials in the same device, with a resolution of 14 microns in the z axis.

As wel l as SLA y SLS the only thing required is a 3D data, the parts that are being develop with this technology do not require pretty much finishing as the supports on this parts contruction are made out of gel.

Selective Laser Sintering (SLS)

SLS prototype SLS prototype SLS prototype SLS prototype SLS prototype SLS prototype

Selective Lase Sintering . This technology fusions the powder material through a laser layer by layer, offering the advantage of producing rapid model even of the complexity , thanks to the technology that creates model from a raw material that comes in powder, the parts are more resistant and less sentitive to heat. We can offer you materials such as Nylon (PA) and Nylon GF.

We will only require CAD Data and the basic requirements of orientation , geometry, basic tolerance of 0.5%

Stereolithography (SLA)

SLA prototype SLA prototype

Stereolithography, this process consists on drawing over liquid material layer by layer . The advantages on this process is that the models can be created with a precision of 0.4% tolerance, besides offer you wide range of material such as: Abs like, transluscents, flexible, materials that are humid resistant and high temperature as well.

We only will need your cad data in any of the following formats: step, parasolid, pro-e o solidwork, from these cad we can convert the file into stl , so it can be read by our machines.

The part can be offer in different finishing levels, and even painted and with texture, this is for being a soft material easy to work with.

Other advantage for this process is the speed the parts can be produced.

RTV casting (Low production of silicon Mould)

RTV Casting prototype RTV Casting prototype RTV Casting prototype

If you desire to see a couple of pieces for your study or review , a good option available that can offer you to produce more than one part for a low cost. Before on thinking on going on a high production for metal mould construction, you can try before your part.

For this part of the process you will onlly require a master model , that can be created in SLA, SLS, polyjet or Even CNC, this can be used to create a silicone mould, the silicon mould will provide capacity for a low production, in this way you can have the opportunity to see the characteristics that that might be modify , case is required for the construction of the metal mould . A wide range of like materials are available , besides you can choose colors and textures.