Design and Scanning of parts
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» Design and scanning of parts

We like to work with our customers to identify their product requirements, and developed creative ideas.

We can support you on the creation of your 2D Drawing, the modeling on the 3D drawing, mechanical drawings and also we can provide physic models (Prototypes).

In IDS-S our objective is to provide you a vision of your product without investing a lot of money, in a really short period of time, and help you o get a model that can be bring into production.

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Besides we offer services of scanning 3D, with this High-Tec we can bring over the drawing from a part made by hand, so you don't have to be worry on how to do your drawings, you can send across your part, and with our technology (optic lector), we can produce 3D drawing suitable for any of the technologies available in the creation of prototypes.